Ubuntu MATE server upgrades

The Ubuntu MATE website is now load-balanced across multiple countries. This is in additional using CloudFlare for caching at the network edge.

Twice last week ubuntu-mate.org experienced DDoS attacks. Over the weekend the new server infrastructure was deployed so that ubuntu-mate.org is now load balanced across four servers in different countries. We also have more DDoS counter measures in place and continue to make use of the European CDN kindly sponsored by First-Colo.


We used this as an opportunity to add BitTorrent downloads for the Raspberry Pi 2 images and updated the Ubuntu MATE 14.04 torrents. Both now have 5 web-seeds in addition to those of you generously seeding Ubuntu MATE.

Another benefit of this transition is that we no longer rely on Sourceforge for serving downloads. Sourceforge also experienced an extended outage recently and this impacted our ability to serve downloads for the Raspberry Pi 2 images. Given some of the recent actions by Sourceforge, we were uncomfortable using them for file hosting.

Lastly all the embedded video on the site now uses HTML5 and the download pages have been simplified and the Torrents are more prominently located.

None of this would have been possible without the kind donations from the Ubuntu MATE Patrons and the generous contributions many of the Ubuntu MATE community have made via PayPal.

Thank you!

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