So, what’s under the hood?

Being a Linux distribution, Ubuntu MATE is comprised of many parts from the contributions of developers worldwide.

MATE Desktop

Engrampa Engrampa
Caja Caja
Pluma Pluma
Calculator Calculator
Font Viewer Font Viewer
Search Search
Screenshot Screenshot
Colour Selection Colour Selection
Dictionary Dictionary
System Log System Log
Disk Usage Analyzer Disk Usage Analyzer
System Monitor System Monitor
Terminal Terminal
Power Statistics Power Statistics
Mozo Mozo

Pre-installed Applications

Déjà Dup Déjà Dup
Character Map Character Map
Passwords & Keys Passwords & Keys
Plank Plank
Redshift Redshift
Firefox Firefox
Simple Scan Simple Scan
Shotwell Shotwell
Transmission Transmission
Evolution Evolution
LibreOffice LibreOffice
Celluloid Celluloid
Cheese Cheese
Webcamoid Webcamoid
Rhythmbox Rhythmbox
GParted GParted *
gdebi gdebi
Firmware Firmware
Blueman Blueman
Network Manager Network Manager
gufw gufw
Magnus Magnus
Onboard Onboard
Orca Screen Reader Orca Screen Reader

Ubuntu Base

Primary Software Distribution apt Primary Software Distribution
Secondary Software Distribution snapd Secondary Software Distribution
Shell bash Shell
Installer ubiquity Installer
Printing Support cups Printing Support
Error Reporting apport Error Reporting
X.org Display Server
systemd Init System
pulseaudio Audio Server
marco Window Manager
plymouth Boot Splash
grub2 Bootloader


Wide range of hardware support
Secure by design
Excellent stability

* Only available during live session