Community Support

If you need help, we encourage you to join fellow users in the Ubuntu MATE Community. If this is your first time, you’ll need to create a new account using the Sign Up button in the upper right hand corner. Once you have an account, post your issue in Support and Help Requests. Be detailed with your description of the problem and be excellent to each other.

Official Guide

If this is your first time using Ubuntu MATE, we have an official guide to assist you on your journey. It’s also pre-installed under the Accessories menu (for full installations). Shop Books

Other Resources

While these sites aren’t specific to Ubuntu MATE, they can still help you find a solution as we have a lot in common with the wider Ubuntu community.

For the best results, make sure your report includes what you were doing when you had the problem, steps to reproduce and hardware specifications to help the people who will help you.

Ask Ubuntu Launchpad Answers

Known Issues

Here’s a list of issues we have noted that may degrade your retrospective experience.

Affects Component Problem Workarounds Upstream Links
20.04 LTS Ubuntu MATE Some locales (like pt_BL) are missing menu icons.
20.04 LTS Ubuntu MATE Right clicking to add applications on a Cupertino panel is difficult
20.04 LTS Ubuntu Some applications may crash Xorg and return to login screen in virtual machines
20.04 LTS Ubuntu Display issues with AMD RX 560 GPU
20.04 LTS MATE Desktop Panels obstruct maximized windows in dual-monitor setups
18.04 LTS Ubuntu MATE Lock screen may be bypassed by power cycling monitor
20.04 LTS Ubuntu MATE Installing applications using GDebi do not immedately appear in Application menu
20.04 LTS Ubuntu MATE MATE Maximus (Undecorated maximised windows) does not work under Marco
20.04 LTS Ubuntu MATE Storage is not unmounted after logging off
20.10 Ayatana Indicators Clock missing on panel upon upgrade to 20.10

For a complete listing of Ubuntu MATE Bugs:

Ubuntu MATE Bugs on Launchpad

To learn how to report a bug, go to Bug Reporting and Triage under Get Involved.