Ubuntu MATE community donations

A couple of months ago I asked if the Ubuntu MATE community was interested in expanding without using social networks. The answer was clear. Yes, you do.

The Ubuntu MATE team have decided to use Discourse to provide a community space that is not reliant on social networks but this will require a new, fairly beefy, virtual private server and some additional subscription services for email notifications. We are asking the Ubuntu MATE community members to make a small recurring contribution so that we can provide what you’ve asked for.

If this funding campaign generates more monthly income than required for our hosting alone then we will use the surplus to reward contributors, such as digital artists/designers, provide development bounties for implementing new features or fixing bugs and to help subsidise the travel expenses of team members to represent MATE Desktop and Ubuntu MATE at FLOSS conferences. If we have sufficient extra funds we will also donate to other Open Source projects that Ubuntu MATE depends upon and should we find ourselves in that fortunate position we will use our new shiny Discourse community to vote for the worthy beneficiaries.

We have set up a number of payment options that should hopefully suit everyone. Go on, be brilliant, help grow our community.

Grow your community

Become a full Ubuntu MATE community member by helping to grow and sustain it. Warm and fuzzy sensations guaranteed.



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