Contributors & Special Thanks

These people have made significant, singular contributions or have served as team members in the past.

  • Adam Smith: Created the initial PowerPC build of Ubuntu MATE
  • Alexander Browne: Former QA engineer for Ubuntu MATE
  • Aron Xu: Debian developer and former MATE package maintainer for Debian
  • Daniel Foré: Improver of the Ubuntu MATE icon theme
  • Etienne Papegnies: Forum moderator and former QA lead for Ubuntu MATE
  • Goce Mitevski: Created the default wallpaper for Ubuntu MATE 14.10 to 17.04
  • Ikey Doherty: Lead developer of Solus and former MATE Desktop contributor
  • Ivan Pejić: Created the Ubuntu MATE GRUB and Plymouth themes
  • Jack Mohegan: Assorted user interface improvements
  • Johnny Dennis: Lead developer of tomxplayer for the Raspberry Pi
  • Jonathan Nadeau: Assistive technology advisor and accessibility testing
  • Konstantin Pugin: Lead for Global Menu for MATE Panel and former contributor
  • Matt Hartley: User experience advisor
  • Michael Tunnell: Toucher-upper of GTK art assets
  • Pedro Meteus: IGP and GPU enhancements for improved video and gaming
  • Robin Thompson: Lead for MATE Dock Applet and former MATE Desktop contributor
  • Rohith Madhavan: Created the initial Raspberry Pi 2 build of Ubuntu MATE
  • Sam Hewitt: Designer of the Ubuntu MATE logo
  • Sefan Ric: Solus developer and former MATE Desktop contributor
  • Simon Quigley: MOTU and former sponsor and oversight of MATE Desktop packages
  • Tim Apple: Former QA engineer for Ubuntu MATE