The loons who thought it was a good idea.

The Team

The folks making decisions and steering the ship.

Wider Community

These people indirectly contribute to make things possible.

Notable Contributors

These people made history with the distro.

Goce Mitevski
Default Wallpaper (14.10-17.04)
Artwork Contributor
Ikey Doherty
Brisk Menu
Code Contributor
Ivan Pejić
GRUB/Plymouth Themes
Artwork Contributor
Luke Horwell
Longest Serving Member
Ubuntu MATE Code Contributor Community Documentation Contributor Artwork Contributor
Robin Thompson
MATE Dock Applet
Code Contributor
Sam Hewitt
Ubuntu MATE Logo
Artwork Contributor

Contributors & Special Thanks

These people have made significant, singular contributions or have served as team members in the past.

Alexander Browne
Quality Assurance Tester
Aron Xu
Debian Member Package Maintainer
Daniel Foré
Artwork Contributor
Jack Mohegan
Code Contributor
Jeff Labonte
Code Contributor
Johnny Dennis
Raspberry Pi Contributor
Jonathan Nadeau
Accessibility Improvements Bug Hunter
Matt Hartley
Bug Hunter
Matthew Keeler
Quality Assurance Tester
Michael Tunnell
Artwork Contributor
Pedro Meteus
Code Contributor
Roberto Perico
Artwork Contributor
Sefan Ric
MATE Desktop Team
Simon Quigley
Package Maintainer
Tim Apple
Quality Assurance Tester


These initial efforts helped the project officially support different ventures.

  • Adam Smith: Created the initial PowerPC build of Ubuntu MATE
  • Rohith Madhavan: Created the initial Raspberry Pi 2 build of Ubuntu MATE