Ubuntu MATE Boutique

The Ubuntu MATE Boutique is open!

You’ll find a selection of items ranging from computers that come pre-installed with Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu MATE branded clothes and apparel.

Ubuntu MATE Boutique

The Ubuntu MATE Boutique is now open and full of exotic items.


Many thanks to our hardware partners Entroware for providing the hardware selection.


The fantastic people at HELLOTUX have worked really hard to get the Ubuntu MATE designs on high quality embroidered shirts (front and back).

Special thanks to @parzzix and @Spleenico from the Ubuntu MATE community for their help to get the Boutique up and running. This is the first iteration of the Ubuntu MATE Boutique and we will be adding more items in due course, but this is what we have now.

Entroware Laptops


Starting at £379

Orion is designed with portability and style in mind. With verified Linux compatible components and upgradeability. including an i7, grab your Ubuntu laptop for home and business today.


Starting at £499

Apollo is our latest addition to the laptop range and uses the latest Broadwell CPUs, this is the must have Ultrabook for Linux enthusiasts.


Starting at £629

A 1080p screen and backlit keyboard, the Proteus is Entroware’s flagship laptop. With a dedicated Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M chip, Entroware recommends Proteus for playing through your Linux Steam library.

Entroware Desktops


Starting at £349

The Nyx is a perfect computer for students, developers and mid-range gamers who require a Linux platform. Housed in an elegant and minimalist case, performance and looks have never come at a better price.


Starting at £379

The tiny Aura packs in the latest Intel Broadwell i3 and i5 processors. With excellent integrated graphics performance and VESA mounting brackets, your school or office can enjoy an increase in work space. Aura is perfect for many Linux applications, including a home theatre PC, development system and teaching platform.


Starting at £849

When it comes to extreme Linux desktops, Poseidon dominates its competition. Entroware recommends this model for the most meticulous Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE gamers, where every frame and pixel counts.

Embroidered Shirts

Ubuntu MATE Polo - Front
Ubuntu MATE Polo - Front
Ubuntu MATE Polo - Back
Ubuntu MATE Polo - Back
Ubuntu MATE T-Shirt - Front
Ubuntu MATE T-Shirt - Front
Ubuntu MATE T-Shirt - Back
Ubuntu MATE T-Shirt - Back


Ubuntu MATE has two shops for apparel, one based in Europe and one based in the Americas. Both shops deliver worldwide and stock the same items.

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Ubuntu MATE European apparel store
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Ubuntu MATE Americas apparel store


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