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Some good news for Ubuntu MATE users in Germany.

I spent last weekend at the X2Go “gathering” in Essen, Germany. While there I got confirmation that Linux Welt magazine will feature Ubuntu MATE in their 2015-01 edition. LinuxWelt is Germany’s best selling bi-monthly Linux and Open-Source magazine and is available in book stores all over Germany and via IDG’s online shop.

David Wolski sent me a draft PDF of the Ubuntu MATE feature which one of the X2Go developers kindly translated for me at the weekend.


Ubuntu MATE 14.10 will also be the cover DVD feature and LinuxWelt have commissioned approximately 50,000 DVDs that will include the 32 bit version of Ubuntu MATE 14.10.

I encourage our German members to buy the LinuxWelt 2015-01 edition and for the rest of you re-share this blog post to help repay the support LinuxWelt have shown the Ubuntu MATE project. That said, earlier this evening I got another email from David Wolski with more good news. David has negotiated with IDG (his publisher) to release the Ubuntu MATE feature article as a free download. And here it is.

LinuxWelt coverage of Ubuntu MATE 14.10

Two page feature article about Ubuntu MATE 14.10 from LinuxWelt magazine.

Download PDF

You can also check out the link below for the online PC Welt summary of Ubuntu MATE and access the direct downloads of the Ubuntu MATE 14.10 .iso images they are hosting for us and the PDF of the article. What brilliant people!


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