Этому посту больше года и, возможно, он устарел.

What works?

People tell us that Ubuntu MATE is stable. You may, or may not, agree.

What changed since the Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Beta 2 release?

Here’s what changed in Ubuntu MATE 15.10 since Beta 2.

  • Fixed update-manager and do-release-upgrade to upgrade from Ubuntu MATE 15.04 to Ubuntu MATE 15.10.
    • Although this is not supported on the Raspberry Pi 2 images.
  • Fixed the openSUSE panel layout, GNOME Main Menu no longer crashes.
  • Fixed ubi-timezone error in Ubiquity.
  • Fixed Caja undelete, which was causing Caja to crash or fail to undelete.
  • Updated MATE Tweak to 3.5.2a
    • Remove all deprecated GTK properties.
    • Make irrelevant UI elements insensitive rather than being hidden.
    • Fix retaining the current theme settings when switching to Metacity.
    • Fix Plank not being left running when saving a custom theme.
    • Fix leaving multiple volume applets enabled when switching panel layouts.
    • Fix CTRL+C not closing MATE Tweak.
  • Updated Ubuntu MATE Welcome to
    • Removed Simple Screen Recorder, it is not compatible with Ubuntu MATE 15.10 or any 15.10 flavour.
    • Remove Synapse, it has an intermitent issue resulting in segmentation fault on Ubuntu MATE 15.10.
  • Updated the boot screen artwork in the ISO image. Bigger, more consistent, and higher contrast for visually impaired users.
  • Updated Plank to 0.10.1.
  • Prepared Ubuntu MATE 15.10 for the Raspberry Pi 2.

Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Download

Join the fun and experience a retrospective future.


Raspberry Pi 2

We are delighted to release Ubuntu MTE 15.10 for the Raspberry Pi 2 on release day along side the other supported architectures. You can find out more and download the image from the Ubuntu MATE Raspberry Pi page.

Raspberry Pi logo Ubuntu MATE 15.10 is also available for the Raspberry Pi 2


Thanks to everyone who contributed to Ubuntu MATE 15.10. A side from the core team there are few people who deserve a public “Thank you!”


Many thanks to David Chadderton from Webspresso, Rohith Madhavan, quidsup, Tim Apple, Jack Mohegan and Linux Scoop for the new community contributed artwork and videos.

Thank you to Luke Horwell for adding the animations, transitions and categorisation to Ubuntu MATE Welcome. Thanks to Larry Bushey, from Going Linux podcast, for adding and updating the content for Introduction and Features in Ubuntu MATE Welcome. Thanks also to Matt Hartley, from Freedom Penguin, for helping with the Ubuntu MATE Welcome Software selection.

Thanks to Joe Ressington, Isaac Carter and Albert Hickey, from The Pi Podcast, for testing Ubuntu MATE 15.10 for the Raspberry Pi 2. You really helped ironout some kinks and improved the release quality for everyone.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has reported issues, provided feedback or donated to Ubuntu MATE. Your feedback has been vital to understanding what improvements people most want to see. We do listen, so keep the feedback coming.


In addition to the efforts of the Ubuntu MATE team and the Ubuntu MATE community, we are also grateful for the help and support we’ve recieved from the following Canonical employees:

Known Issues

Here are the known issues.

You’ll also want to check the Ubuntu MATE bug tracker to see what has already been reported. These issues will be addressed in due course.


Is there anything you can help with or want to be involved in? Maybe you just want to discuss your experiences or ask the maintainers some questions. Please come and talk to us.


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