Ubuntu MATE March 2015 supporters

Many thanks to everyone who donated to the Ubuntu MATE community this month. You have been generous as always and ensured that we can meet all the costs associated with running the Ubuntu MATE project and the community site. In fact, this month we are able to reward some other projects that Ubuntu MATE benefits from.

How will these donations be spent?

These donations will be used to pay for:

  • All Ubuntu MATE hosting and development server costs for March 2015.
  • All the Ubuntu MATE CDN, bandwidth and email charges for March 2015.
  • Donated €70 to MATE Desktop.
  • Donated €50 to Tilda.
  • Donated €50 to Plank.
  • Purchase microSD cards to give away, with Ubuntu MATE installed, at a Raspberry Pi Jam.

Although Ubuntu MATE 15.04 onward is an official member of the Ubuntu family, and therefore new Ubuntu MATE releases are distributed via the Canonical mirror network, we are serving ~900 downloads of Ubuntu MATE 14.04 and 14.10 per day from our servers. Given that we have committed to support Ubuntu MATE 14.04 until 2019 these donations are much appreciated and help cover the bandwidth costs and fund the development servers we need to prepare new .iso images for Ubuntu MATE 14.04.

Thank you!

Supporting Open Source Projects

Ubuntu MATE is comprised of many Open Source projects, we recognise that. Each month that Ubuntu MATE has a surplus of funds we will make a contribution to an Open Source project that Ubuntu MATE directly benefits from.

We are delighted to announce that Ubuntu MATE has donated €50 to the Tilda project and also €50 to the Plank project.

Tilda at the top and Plank at the bottom in Ubuntu MATE 15.04.

These are two great applications, both improve the user experience of Ubuntu MATE 15.04. The addition of Tilda generated an awful lot of attention for Ubuntu MATE and has proven an extremely useful development tool. Plank is well known, and loved, by many Linux users. Plank (and Docky before it) have been an essential part of my desktop set-up for years.

Donations to MATE Desktop

Those of you who have downloaded Ubuntu MATE from this website recently will have noticed the Download Tip we place on the page. We’ve made it clear that those tips are shared between the Ubuntu MATE and MATE Desktop projects. We have donated half the download tips from March 2015, which we are pleased to say amounts to €70.

Please Donate

We have setup a number of payment options that should hopefully suit everyone. If you haven’t already, be brilliant, help grow our community.

Grow your community

Become a full Ubuntu MATE community member by helping to grow and sustain it. Warm and fuzzy sensations guaranteed.



Many thanks to the following people for becoming Ubuntu MATE patrons who, after processing fees, donated $145.06 this month.

The Ubuntu MATE Patrons

The list of Ubuntu MATE Patrons is growing so fast we can’t keep on top of the list. Come and meet the Patrons!

Epic Patrons

We are going to find a way to better acknowledge the Ubuntu MATE Patrons, just give us some time to work out the details.

Summary of donations

Many thanks to everyone who supported the Ubuntu MATE community this month.

  • After processing fees a total of $145.06 was donated via Patreon.
  • A total of $472.12 was donated via PayPal, which after processing fees amounted to $420.96, of which $152.03 was received as Download Tips. Half of which has been donated to the MATE Deskop project.
  • A total of €130.7 was donated via PayPal, which after processing fees amounted to €119.79.
  • A total of £58.0 was donated via PayPal, which after processing fees amounted to £54.31.
  • A total of 0.03 BTC was donated.


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