Ubuntu MATE January 2016 supporters

Many thanks to everyone who donated to the Ubuntu MATE community this month. You have been generous as always and ensured that we can meet all the costs associated with running the Ubuntu MATE project and the community site. In fact, this month we are able to reward some other projects that Ubuntu MATE benefits from.

How will these donations be spent?

These donations will be used to pay for:

  • All Ubuntu MATE hosting and development server costs for January 2016.
  • All the Ubuntu MATE CDN, bandwidth and email charges for January 2016.
  • £79.99 for Pioneer BDR-XD05TS 6x USB3.0 External Slim Portable Blu-ray Burner.
    • This was purchased because the burner in my old desktop workstation died.
    • I needed something to burn DVDs to test the PowerPC port of Ubuntu MATE.
    • I wanted to get Blu-ray playback working in Ubuntu MATE, which is now done.
  • £158.40 to setup and provision two new dedicated servers.
  • £100 donated to MATE Dock Applet.

Although Ubuntu MATE 15.04 onward is an official member of the Ubuntu family, and new Ubuntu MATE releases are now distributed via the Canonical mirror network, we are serving ~500 downloads per day for Ubuntu MATE 14.04 and another ~1200 downloads per day for Ubuntu MATE for the Raspberry Pi 2.

Thank you!

Supporting Open Source Projects

Ubuntu MATE is comprised of many Open Source projects, we recognise that. Each month that Ubuntu MATE has a surplus of funds we will make a contribution to an Open Source project or developer that Ubuntu MATE directly benefits from.

For January 2016 Ubuntu MATE have donated £100 to MATE Dock Applet as it is really gaining popularity within the Ubuntu MATE community. We are activaly working towards adding MATE Dock Applet to the Debian and Ubuntu archives and hope to include it in Ubuntu MATE 16.04 with a special panel layout to show off its full potential.

Please Donate

We have setup a number of payment options that should hopefully suit everyone. If you haven’t already, be brilliant, help grow our community.

Grow your community

Become a full Ubuntu MATE community member by helping to grow and sustain it. Warm and fuzzy sensations guaranteed.



Many thanks to the Ubuntu MATE patrons who collectively donated $602.0 this month.

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  • A total of $1360.0 was donated via PayPal, which after processing fees amounted to $1228.57, of which $1046.5 was received as Download Tips.
  • A total of €199.0 was donated via PayPal, which after processing fees amounted to €186.63.
  • A total of £65.0 was donated via PayPal, which after processing fees amounted to £61.04.
  • A total of 0.021 BTC was donated.


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